Day 72 Tregrehan Mills St Austell to Truro – 17.55 miles


After having the most uncomfortable mattress last night where I could feel all the springs I actually slept really well which I wasn’t expecting. I chatted over breakfast to a lady from Romania. She was a teacher for children with additional needs and she had been doing some carer work in the UK working with elderly people. She was due to return to Romania in September. She was a lovely gentle person and I imagined she would be very good as a carer and in her work with young children. She gave me a big hug and set me on my way in the gentle rain. I followed the lane through Tregrehan Mills in to St Austell. It was easy walking through St Austell and as my phone sprang back to life I stopped in a bus stop to sit down and upload my blog from yesterday. An elderly gentleman came to stop and join me. He was walking in to town to get a bus to go to see his wife who was in hospital in Truro. He seemed to stop just to sit and chat and he seemed lonely although kept saying she was in the best place. It did make me think of the journey he was having to make and the changes in our health services making things more specialised which wasn’t always the best for loved ones travelling. I sent my best wishes for his wife and headed on towards the centre of St Austell. It was raining a little heavier now and I decided to stop and have a coffee and a cheese scone. I’d had breakfast and was now doing brunch! It was a good call as the scone was delicious and when I came back out the rain had stopped. I continued on out of St Austell along the A390 briefly until I reached Trewloth and could take a lane heading through Sticker to Hewas Water. From Hewas water I kept away from the A 390 again by taking the B3287 and then heading along a little country lane turn off past Carwinnick. I emerged again for a short time on to the A road which I took in to Grampound. I decided to stop for lunch here at the community cafe and when I got there I was chatting to a couple of men who were saying they had seen me walking along the road. They were asking where I was headed and when I explained we got chatting about the distance it was to Scotland. They wished me well with my journey and after having my third meal of the day by two o’clock I set off again. Out of Grampound I followed a bridal path as it took me sharply uphill and gave way to some lovely views of the surrounding countryside. I was enjoying today’s walk more than I thought I would as I expected it to be a bit grim with the road walking but it wasn’t too bad. The bridal path then led through the Trewithin estate and emerged back on to the A390 again but only briefly as I headed off towards Probus. I was quite enjoying seeing what the different villages were like and I stopped for a final time at the pub in Probus where I had a drink. Walking out of Probus was the only time I had to walk on the edge of a busier road. However once the road met up with the A390 again in to Tresillian there was soon a decent footpath to follow. I followed through the village which was dominated by the busy road and then out of Tresillian I picked up a small country lane going under a very low bridge which took me in to Truro. I walked through part of the high street and up my final hill of the day(of which there had been many) to my accommodation. Last night of AirBnB for my journey and a lovely comfy memory foam mattress tonight.
Miles to date – 1046.55

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