Day 71 Pelynt to Treghanen Mills St Austell – 17.06 miles


It was a lovely sunny day today and the forecast was for this to continue all day. I chatted to my host over breakfast as I was interested to know why their summerhouse was called Monkey Hanger. It turns out that him and his wife’s surnames together are Hartlepool. I understood this straight away coming from the area. He said they enjoy telling people the tale. After a good breakfast I set off out of Pelynt on the B3359 but took a lane off it as soon as possible. I decided to follow the footpath to Lanreath across the fields. I got half way and then couldn’t find my way out of the field except through head high thick nettles which I think was the route. I wasn’t going to attemp that so I retraced my steps to the lane. I continued on the various lanes snaking their way to Lerryn. Lerrynn was very small but pretty with a couple of cafes and a lovely riverside setting. I headed off from here to Lostwithiel. I had to head inland today in order to cross the river Fowey. The landscape was also very hilly so I have done a lot of ascent and descent as would be expected in Cornwall. I stopped in Lostwithiel for lunch at a very nice friendly pub. As I set off out of Lostwithiel I saw a couple who were walking the Saints way. They asked what walk I was doing and we generally chatted about the trails. By coincidence it turned out the lady’s sister lives in the village next to where I live. They insisted on a photo and wished me luck for the rest of my journey. I headed to Lanlivery via footpath and country lanes and then continued on to Luxulyan. The walk from here was through a wooded area with a lovely river and it was a beautiful walk on a lovely day. From here I then headed towards the Eden project and followed the cycle path through to come to Trehegan Mills which is where my hostel is. A beautiful evening ended a lovely days walk.
Miles to date – 1,029

6 thoughts on “Day 71 Pelynt to Treghanen Mills St Austell – 17.06 miles

  1. Massive congratulations on getting this far and passing your 1000th mile yesterday! Not sure I’d have been able to stop at just one G&T! You must be delighted to be so close to the end now! Enjoy the beautiful Cornish weather and Cornish landscape – and if you bump into my lovely friend Anne who is cycling Land’s End to John O’Groats starting on Sunday, give her a hello from me!

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  2. You must be so excited. Only 5 more walking days. I detect a lot of optimism and enjoyment in your recent blogs. What are you going to do once it’s all over and you have recovered from your physical excertions?

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