Day 70 Saltash to Pelynt -21.02 miles


Today I decided to take the longer route to Pelynt so that I could get down on to the coast and walk a short part of the coastal path. It is my last day of twenty plus miles before I finish ( if all goes to plan). It was a nice morning and I walked through Saltash high street heading up towards the A38 as this was the only way to get across the river. The A38 is a very busy road with no footpaths to walk alongside so I kept joining where I had to and then leaving on country lanes where I could until I reached Tideford. I got sucked in to a butchers shop with the promise of warm pasties that I kept reading about on several signs. They didn’t have Cornish ones strangely so I chose a cheese and onion one and put it in my pack until I could find somewhere to stop to eat it. I headed south on the B 3249 for a short way and then joined some country lanes. A man stopped to ask if I wanted a lift to the village but I declined explaining I was keen to walk the distance. A little further on was a lovely flat wall in the shade of some trees where I stopped to eat my pasty. It was delicious and reminded me of the cheese slice my mam used to make. I continued down until the lane met the A374 briefly and then a short stretch on the A387 and back on to the country lanes leading me to Seaton. I really had hit the coast now and I felt like I was on holiday along with lots of other people enjoying the beautiful scenery. I followed the country track to Milendreath and then picked up the coastal path to take me in to Looe. Milendreath was very busy with a lot of children in the water enjoying the lovely afternoon. The walk along the coastal path was very pretty and got busier as I approached Looe. I arrived at a busy time of the day and it was packed and it reminded me of Whitby with its shops and amusements as well as the beach. I had considered stopping for a drink in Looe but it was so busy that I decided to keep moving on and I would stop at the pub in Pelynt. The walk to Pelynt was fairly uneventful road walking as there wasn’t really another way to get there. I followed the A387 which was busy and I had to keep crossing over as it had a track only on one side of the road at a time. I eventually got on to the quieter B3859 which took me to Pelynt. I stopped at the pub and although it served food I was still feeling full from my pasty so I had a bag of crisps and celebrated passing my thousand mile mark with a gin and tonic. I then only had a half a mile through the village to my accommodation where I had a lovely cup of coffee and a nice hot bath. Ten weeks done and over a thousand miles. Lands End here I come!
Miles to date – 1011.94

22 thoughts on “Day 70 Saltash to Pelynt -21.02 miles

  1. 1000 miles is a grand achievement Alison. πŸ™‚

    I noticed on my map that yesterday on the coastal path you passed by “Bodigga Cliff’ just before Looe.
    We have the “Clarence Boddiger Trophy” for Best Go Car not Show Car awarded at our annual S Club Heaven event. In memory of Ken Appleton, one of our TVR S owners, who sadly passed away in 2010 after battling cancer. Why he chose that as his forum name is a mystery to me, but his TVR now lives in the southwest and is highly modified to tackle difficult hillclimbs up muddy tracks, acquittIng itself very well with amazing performances, just like somebody I know. πŸ˜‰

    Apologies for the boring diversion:
    Carry on Alison, and enjoy the Cornish coastal scenery. You are doing fantastically well!

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  2. You are an inspiration Alison, I will miss reading each day of your adventures,I will look forward to your book πŸ“š best wishes June.πŸ“­πŸ›have a well earned rest.🍾

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  3. 1000 miles! That is amazing! Cornwall is a truly beautiful part of the country and I hope you enjoy your last few days of your inspirational travels! You must be so excited! 😁😁Xx

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  4. 1000 miles – fantastic!! Not many more now and what a lovely County to be finishing your walk in – let’s hope the sun keeps shining on you xxx


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