Day 69 Princetown to Saltash – 17.65 miles


I set off early today as the cafe at the bunkhouse I was staying in didn’t open until nine o’clock so I thought I’d walk to Yelverton to get breakfast which was six miles. I wanted to get an early start as the forecast for this afternoon was for rain. It was a nice morning as I set off and I followed the B3212 that I had been on yesterday. It was before eight and there was very little traffic as I continued to wander through Dartmoor national park. I was feeling very upbeat and seemed to be motoring along feeling pretty fit and comfortable. The grass verge was like walking on carpet compared to the road surface. The ponies were out in force as were the sheep. I came to a section of cows grazing but they were happy to mind their own business and weren’t interested in me thank goodness. The views were lovely and I continued along until I reached Yelverton where I was going to find a cafe. I asked a young girl and she said there was a bakery with a cafe in five minutes walk if I wanted to follow her. We chatted as we walked and she led me to the Dartmoor bakery. This wasn’t in Yelverton but was on my route and it had the most delicious ham and egg swirls and coffee. I also bought a couple of cakes to take to my host tonight as she had offered to make me a meal. As I left the shop and started to head off I spied an ex speech and language therapy colleague who was about to go in to the cafe. She had moved back to the area this year and was going to be lecturing at the university. We chatted for a while and then I set off on my way thinking of how strange it was to bump in to her. I headed off following the direction of the road towards Crapstone which is another one of those places that made me chuckle. The rain came early but it was only a brief shower and I continued on to Milton Coombe with its very homely bus stop and then through a forested area to Lopwell. I hadn’t realise before I started my walk that there were places that bred grouse but I passed an area through this forested section and had passed other areas like this on previous days. The sun was out again and I was really enjoying the day. I then picked up the Tamar Valley discovery trail which took me along the river Tavey and to the Tamar running through Blaxton woods with lovely views down to the water. I intended to continue with this trail but there was a stream running across the road so instead I took the lane to Tamerton Foliot and stopped at a local pub to have some lunch and a rest. I was walking pretty fast today so I kept stopping at various places so that I arrived at my accommodation at the right time. It wasn’t the best pub stop I’d had in terms of the welcome as I seemed to be stopping the lady behind the bar having a good chat to her friend. When I set off I had less than five miles left and my feet were feeling pretty good. I now followed the road as I needed to cross the Tamar bridge. I managed to find the cycle route towards the bridge which then turned in to the cycle and pedestrian lane. This was quite a pleasant bridge crossing with views of the boats and also of the IK Brunel railway bridge. As I came to the other side I was in Saltash and my last County on my journey – Cornwall! My accommodation was only ten minutes walk from the bridge and Elaine my host made me a lovely cup of coffee and we chatted for a while. She had a small holding and her son had been working on it. It was all organically grown veg and she was a keen cook and ran bread making courses. Not surprisingly my tea of Mediterranean vegetables with feta and bread was delicious. After tea it was feet up time and plotting my final few days routes.
Miles to date – 990.92

8 thoughts on “Day 69 Princetown to Saltash – 17.65 miles

  1. Alison,
    It sounds like you are speeding up now you are on the final stretch, and really enjoying it as well!
    Welcome to nagical Kernow, the home of King Arthur and Merlin ( some say ). May the weather be kind to you.

    A piece of advice:
    When you get to Land’s End in a few days’ time, don’t forget to stop. πŸ˜€
    Have you got a rough idea of when you will complete your epic adventure?
    I wish we TVR S Clubbers could be there to cheer you at the finish, but due to family commitments, I shall have to delegate that to our representative from where you live.

    Good luck on your last leg(s).

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    1. Yes it’s all feeling like it’s going to happen now. I’m finishing next Wednesday and only have six miles that day so I can be finished with the afternoon ahead of me. Ray and Rachel are going to be my cheerleading posse at the end and then we’re having a couple of days chilling in Cornwall before I set off to walk the other way ( only kidding)


      1. “Ray and Rachel are going to be my cheerleading posse at the end.”

        I really wish I could be there at the finish to see Ray dressed in his cheerleader’s costume!

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  2. I’m still trying to figure out who it was you bumped into!
    Congrats on getting to your final leg of the journey. I suspect you will be crossing the 1000 mile mark today…what an amazing feat!

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