Day 67 Exeter to Moretonhampstead – 16.42


Today was one of those days that kept adding an extra mile or two. The first trip out of the way was to the laundrette which was quite a test of how well I could follow instructions as there were no people overseeing it all. I fathomed it out and went to the cafe for my breakfast while waiting for the 34 minute bright wash cycle. I don’t think that wash could possibly make any of my gear bright by this stage. After a nice breakfast I returned to tumble dry my gear and then get packed up ready for my day. It was half past ten when I set off so I knew I wouldn’t be getting anywhere early today. It was a lovely day today and the sun lotion was required which was good as I wanted to get some use out of it to lighten the load. I followed the main road out of Exeter through the area of St Thomas and got on to the B 3212 heading to Morehamptonstead. I walked along the road for a while until I reached a country lane taking me down towards the woods. When I got to the bottom of the lane I took a track along where I had seen a man jogging. Unfortunately as I got further along it turned out I was on the Perridge estate which was private. I asked a man working on the estate and he said that it was private so my only way to go was back. I was determined not to get frustrated by this as with my heels strapped up they weren’t hurting and it was a lovely day so what was an extra mile or two? I returned up the hill to the road and continued to follow this along until I came to a country pub called the Lamb Inn. When I went in the lady said there were no tables but if I was happy to sit at the bar they could serve me lunch there. I was very happy and had a lovely Sunday dinner with some lovely fresh vegetables. As I was getting ready to leave the landlady was asking about where I was walking and I told her. She asked if I was doing this for charity and I told her which ones and she gave me a donation. I set off feeling well fed and with a boost for my charities. I continued along the road and there were a lot of cyclists on the road. The ones in groups would shout walker to alert those coming to my presence. I am officially a walker! I finally got to leave this road and headed through the village of Dunsford. Dunsford has three benches which is more than even I need and all dedicated to the 1953 coronation of our queen. After a sit on one of them I headed up the quiet country lanes in to a wooded area towards Clifford bridge. After I had crossed the bridge I followed up the hill to continue with the lane that would take my to Moretonhampstead. It was a lovely peaceful walk with beautiful scenery and I eventually began to come downhill towards my destination which just towards the approach took my up the hill again just to check out my fitness levels. As I was heading for my hostel a man passed me and said “You’ve had a long walk.” I said that I had and he said he passed me a few hours ago coming out of Exeter. Fortunately he was able to direct me to my hostel and I arrived in a couple of minutes to have a lovely sit down and a cup of coffee. There was only another two people staying there so we had plenty of space in the fourteen bed dorm. My feet were tired and a bit achy but I was feeling good. Ten more walking days and I really would be reaching the end which seems a bit unbelievable.
Miles to date – 959.29

4 thoughts on “Day 67 Exeter to Moretonhampstead – 16.42

  1. Would love to have seen you march through the ” private ” estate reclaiming the country side – certainly after all the miles you’ve walked ! X

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