Day 66 Honiton to Exeter – 17.18 miles


I went down to breakfast today to the words from Carol my host that I must eat as much as I can to fuel me up for my walk. I even had a lovely fresh fruit salad which made me realise how little fruit I had been eating recently. The weather was lovely and with my heels well protected and my new insoles in my boots I set off walking with only minimal discomfort. I wandered out of Honiton and briefly walked along the A30 until I picked up the road bridge which took me on the Roman road running parallel to it. This followed along until it went under the A30 and I followed the minor road to Fenny Bridges and although I could hear the busy A30 it was just countryside walking. From Fenny Bridges the road took me to Fairmile and a well earned rest on some concrete blocks left by workman repairing the road. I wasn’t too fussy as to where I could get a seat. I was starting to feel peckish again and I spied on my route a pub in about four miles. I had good signal so saw that it was open for food until three. This gave me the incentive I needed to get up and move along. Not far from Fairmile the road went under the A30 and I was following the lanes towards Whimple. One of the things I have really enjoyed about this journey is the names of some of the places. I never cease to find some of them so amusing. I was not going north to Whimple but continuing along the road to Cranbrook. The Jack in the Green pub was just before Cranbrook and was a very good gastro pub meaning it was also quite expensive. I thought it was my weekend treat and enjoyed a lovely meal before heading out for the last five miles. The walk now became easier as there was a cycle/ footpath all the way until the road merged with the A30 again to take me to the centre of Exeter. It was interesting wandering in to Exeter as I always feel a bit of an idiot walking along with my poles but I think if I didn’t use them then I’d just be carrying them. I stopped at the local mini mart for a few provisions and then headed to my hostel. I was the first person in and got the choice of beds. It was a beautiful evening but I couldn’t be tempted outside again as I was enjoying putting my feet up too much.
Miles to date – 942.87

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